Call Our Emergency Dentist for Help This Summer

Emergency DentistAn emergency dentist visit during the summer months doesn’t have to ruin your entire vacation. Most people would prefer to not even think about a doctor, much less a dentist, on vacation. So the idea that you may have to come see us, the friendly neighborhood emergency dentist, might not be appealing. That being said, it is always recommended that you have contact information for our office during the summer and all year long. Summer is the most fun of all the seasons. With everybody heading outdoors, there are going to be pool parties, family gatherings, and barbecues all over the country. A whopping 88% of all Americans will take their annual vacation and head out of town in droves. Winter coats and boots are being replaced by swimsuits and flip-flops as you are reading this, and everyone is ready to celebrate the warmth. This season is also one in which 1 out of every 6 vacationers will end up visiting the emergency dentist after an accident. There are accidents waiting to happen all around us. Pools have slippery edges and all the water people track around makes for a perfect slippery surface for a fall. Barbecue can have a bone that you could bite down on accidently, and with all the games and sports there is always the possibility that you catch a football to the face, damaging a tooth. Having the contact information for our emergency dentist office means that you can get in, get out, and head back to the fun.

As an emergency dentist, we tell people to remember two things, one before the accident, and one after it has occurred. Before the accident, you must remember that the best time to collect information on how to contact an emergency dentist is before an accident occurs. If you wait until after the fact, you could waste precious time looking for a provider who actually works after hours and can give you the services you require. After the accident, we want you to realize that time is of the essence, especially if you have knocked out a tooth. Once a tooth comes out of the mouth, you have around 5 minutes to replace it in the socket and hold it there with some pressure. If you take much longer, there is a distinct possibility that the ligaments, which hold the tooth in place, will not reattach as easily when we attempt to replace the tooth. Sometimes a patient cannot tolerate the discomfort of holding the tooth in place. In this case, we recommend that you get a small container and fill it with milk. Place the tooth inside the cold milk for transport to our emergency dentist. Cold milk has the same osmotic pressure as what the tooth is used to and helps to preserve the tooth.

The key to a dental emergency is the word emergency. If you are bleeding profusely or cannot stop the bleeding you should call for emergency medical help. For minor bleeding placing gauze over the site of the bleeding and putting mild pressure on it should be able to stop it while you get on the phone and call our emergency dentist office.