How We Can Help You in Our Cosmetic Dentist Office

Cosmetic DentistIf you would like some dental improvements, visit a cosmetic dentist for these needs. As a cosmetic dentist, we can correct and better all of your dental imperfections. For teeth amelioration, start by visiting our office today. You can obtain the smile you have always wanted with only a few dental alterations. You will be pleasantly surprised with the convenient and timely methods we offer to correct your teeth. You may be wondering what our most utilized procedures are and how exactly they benefit your smile. Read below to learn about treatments we most commonly use.

Teeth Whitening: In most cases, when a patient cannot pinpoint exactly what it is they dislike about their smile, we start with a simple teeth whitening. The majority of our patients are shocked to witness what an impressive difference our bleaching methods can make. We will begin with a thorough clean, and then proceed to explain our whitening methods and determine which would be the best option for you.

Dental Bonding:  Many patients visit because they are unhappy with a small chip or crack in a visible location on their tooth. It is a wonder that such a small imperfection can make such a big aesthetic impact. We have an easy solution to fill in chips and cover up cracks. As a cosmetic dentist, we can apply a tooth-colored bonding solution to these imperfections. After the bonding is applied, we will harden the material to a solid finish that will blend in with your teeth and be strong against staining and chewing.

Fillings and Crowns: One of our more common procedures is replacing a silver amalgam filling or crown. The silver color can be a big distraction from a beautiful smile. We can provide you with a tooth-colored, long-lasting replacement. If you need protection against decay or to cover up larger scale damage, we can also place a filling or crown in a space that has never had one.

Dental Veneers: For the patient with misshapen or crooked teeth, veneers are a wonderful route to take. Our veneers are hard, tooth-shaded thin shells that will be bonded to the fronts of your most visible teeth. The dental veneers will provide an attractive canvas for your imperfect teeth. Very little, if any, alterations will be made to your natural teeth, but you will appear to have a brilliant new smile.

Dental Replacements: For those who are missing teeth and would like a replacement, our cosmetic dentist office can give you a realistic, manufactured substitute for your former teeth. Our beautifully-crafted fabricated teeth will be secured in your mouth in one of the two common ways. A dental bridge will secure the tooth by two crowns that will be anchored to two of your existing, stable teeth. A dental implant will be secured by a titanium rod that we will place into the dental perforation where your former tooth root had been. The implant will then graft with your jawbone for a permanent replacement.

These are the most frequently used ways another cosmetic dentist in our office or I can improve your teeth. Our treatments are the most efficient and dependable way to improve your smile. Our materials are the most durable and resilient on the market.