I Need a Dentist Near Me to Answer Pregnancy-Related Questions

Dentist Near Me“I am pregnant and need a dentist near me to answer questions.”  We hear this on a regular basis since is normal for pregnant women to be concerned about all areas of their health.  We invite you to ask questions and will take the time to discuss your health concerns, whether you are pregnant or not.  If you are currently pregnant and need a dentist, we invite you to call and schedule an exam.  While waiting for your appointment, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it true that I need to visit the dentist while pregnant?

Yes, it is.  Pregnancy actually increases the likelihood of you developing gum disease because the blood flow to your gums is less than it normally is.  This is because the body is focused on sending resources to your unborn child.  While perfectly natural, this can lead to swollen and inflamed gums.  As a dentist, we will clean your teeth and remove plaque and bacteria in order to prevent gum disease and cavities from forming.  This is critical because gum disease is typically caused by a buildup of plaque underneath the gum tissue, and if it is left untreated, gum disease can lead to preterm labor.  The risk that your child could be born early due to gum disease is what makes an OBGYN encourage frequent dental care during pregnancy.

I need a dentist near me to fix a loose crown, can you help?

Yes, if you are pregnant, we can still perform most dental work.  We do, however, recommend that any elective procedures that are purely for cosmetic reasons wait until after you deliver.  However, if you need dental work for health reasons like to fix a loose crown, we can complete the procedure gently while ensuring that you are comfortable and healthy.  While we can typically perform most procedures, it is critical that you tell us you are pregnant.  This will allow us to avoid exposing you to anything that could pose a risk to you or baby, for example, the radiation from an x-ray machine.

Is it safe for a dentist near me to perform cosmetic dental work right now?

During pregnancy, we feel that it is important for you to focus on your health.  Things like maintaining clean and healthy teeth and gums are part of having a beautiful smile that will also be beneficial for the health of your baby.  Yes, we can perform cosmetic dental work but if there is no health reason for doing so, you should consider waiting until after you deliver your child.  We will be cautious when it comes to administering sedation during pregnancy so keep this in mind as well.

What is making my tongue a strange color?

Unless you ate a colored popsicle, you might have a bacterial infection.  This is common and tends to happen most frequently in asthmatics that use an inhaler.  A simple round of antibiotics should cure this.  If you want to have a cleaner tongue, in general, buy a tongue scraper from the drugstore and use it when brushing your teeth.