Signs That You Need Help From a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic DentistAs a cosmetic dentist, we offer a wide variety of services that can be used to improve your smile. Whether you have teeth that have become damaged or general aesthetic challenges you want to address, our dentist office is the best place to go for superior care and dramatic results. With a focus on holistic oral health, we aim to help you keep your natural teeth for life and ensure that you enjoy how they look in the process. With that in mind, we recommend you visit us for bi-annual teeth cleanings and to schedule a consultation if you have the following issues:

  •     Gaps in between teeth. This is a common problem. It does not matter if you have small gaps or a few large ones, these can be closed using orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry solutions. Traditional braces and clear aligners are dependable solutions, but they take some time to work, with the treatment lasting six months to two years. If your main concern is simply to close a gap or two, we can do so faster. We can apply a bonding material to your teeth to close gaps, or place dental veneers or dental crowns. All three are dependable solutions and will look entirely natural when we are done. The benefit to you is that we can complete the process in one to two appointments.
  •     Crooked teeth. If you have crooked teeth, they can be straightened using orthodontics or with help from a cosmetic dentist. Similar to how we close gaps, we can also make your teeth appear to be straighter. Without orthodontics, the actual position of your tooth will not change. However, by placing a veneer on top of a prepared tooth, we can change how it looks, making it seem straight.
  •     Dull smile. As a cosmetic dentist, we know that teeth tend to become dull, yellow, and stained with age. If you smoke, drink a great deal of coffee, or use soy sauce, your teeth can become stained or dull faster. This can make someone in their twenties look like they are in their forties, etc. Fortunately, teeth whitening can help return you to your youthful appearance. Our professional-grade whitening solution can remove stains and discoloration by penetrating your enamel and starting the process of oxidization. This is where the molecules inside your teeth reflect less light and appear colorless. Your teeth will look bright, white, and beautiful, and you will smile with confidence once we are done.
  •     Chipped or cracked teeth. If your tooth has become damaged, it is important to visit us for a restoration right away. Otherwise, the cracked or chipped portion of the tooth will be exposed to bacteria and be at risk for developing an infection. This complication is entirely unnecessary and preventable. By simply visiting our office for a restoration, we can improve the appearance of the tooth and restore its functionality. The severity of the damage will dictate which solution we recommend.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call our dental office today.