Visit Our Emergency Dentist Office With Any of These Problems

Emergency DentistIf you have an unusual dentistry need and your normal dentist office is unavailable to help you, you may need to see an emergency dentist. Our emergency dentist office is always available to treat your needs. Forget about waiting around for another dentist office to open its availability. This could allow your dental problems to get out of control. Visit our emergency dentist office today for treatment. Some seemingly common problems can actually be detrimental to your oral and overall health so you should visit our office if you have any problems similar to these:

Loose Filling or Crown:

A loose filling or crown may seem innocuous, but it really is a serious problem. Don’t let anyone tell you that you will be fine waiting a few days for a replacement. A filling or crown was put into place to protect your already damaged teeth from more decay. Leaving your teeth susceptible to additional decay can lead to tooth loss and infection. As an emergency dentist office, we can replace your filling or crown or secure loose ones as needed. Our replacements are a durable and an aesthetically appealing addition to your smile.

Loose or Missing Teeth:

If you have a loose tooth or loose teeth, visit our emergency dentist office right now. We may be able to salvage your tooth before it has faced irreversible damage. Loose teeth may be a sign of infection or periodontal disease and should be treated as soon as you possibly can to prevent the spread of infection.

If you have missing teeth that you want to be replaced, we can offer you permanent, attractive replacements. Our dental bridges perform wonderfully and stay in place. Our dental implants are permanent, attractive, and incredibly strong.

Persistent Gum Bleeding or Inflammation

Gum bleeding and inflammation is not a normal circumstance. If you have had persistent bleeding, see our emergency dentist office for help. We can determine the root of the problem and offer you solutions to stop the bleeding. Bleeding and inflamed gums can be a sign of periodontal disease and bacteria growth. We can treat your infection and remove bacteria, stopping bleeding and inflammation and protecting your teeth from future dangerous circumstances. Don’t take this condition lightly. Instead, see our dentist office for treatment today.

Injured Tongue or Cheeks:

If you have accidentally bitten your tongue or hurt your cheek and you cannot stop the bleeding and discomfort, we can help. An injured tongue may not seem like much of an issue, but if the bleeding doesn’t stop, you may have a worse injury than you realize. We can look over the hurt area and determine whether or not you may need sutures in order to heal fully. If you do need sutures, we will fully numb the area to combat any discomfort you could experience.  

Don’t let the importance of your situation be ignored. Visit our emergency dentist office for topnotch care. Even when you think your problem may not be that bad, a visit to our emergency dentist office may be necessary for your health.