What You Should Know About Professional Teeth Whitening Brands

Professional Teeth Whitening BrandsIf you are interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening brands, call our office and schedule an appointment. Technology is changing on a regular basis, and the healthcare industry is no different. New products and chemical compounds are being used to whiten teeth and visiting our office will allow us to discuss what is happening at the moment and provide you with the most current information. In the meantime, there are a few things you should know about the whitening process in general.

Why Whitening Is Necessary

Over time, teeth can become stained, yellow, and dull in appearance. This is often due to what you eat and drink. People who drink a lot of coffee, tea, and red wine are more likely to have yellow teeth. Those who eat a lot of red sauce or sushi with soy sauce are more likely to have stains. Smokers and people who chew tobacco are also at risk, as are those who take antibiotics on a regular basis. Regardless of the reason, whitening can help as long as you select the right products.

The Solution

When comparing professional teeth whitening brands, you need to look at the solution they use to whiten teeth. Most contain some level of peroxide. However, the type of peroxide and the chemical makeup of the solution will vary from brand to brand. We recommend that you whiten your teeth at our dentist office, because our solution uses a peroxide compound that penetrates the enamel of the teeth and triggers the process of oxidization. This is where the molecules inside of your teeth begin to reflect less light and appear colorless as a result. Your teeth will then have a bright white appearance that is truly beautiful. If you buy a kit from the store, it will probably only remove the surface stains from your teeth. While this may improve their appearance, it will not make yellow teeth white.

The Application

How the whitening solution is applied to your teeth makes a major difference. The best professional teeth whitening brands are either applied in the dentist office and activated using lasers, or are sold by the dentist for use at home. There are several reasons for this, the first being the solution and the second being how they are applied. If we give you a whitening kit for home use, it will be with a set of trays that have been customized for your mouth using an impression taken of your teeth. This means your trays will fit securely and the solution will not leak out of them. On the other hand, kits that are bought in the store contain trays that should fit virtually everyone. This means they can slip and leak, creating an uncomfortable experience. Other types of kits contain whitening strips that also work but still can slip, reducing their effectiveness.

To learn more about the process, in general, we invite you to call and schedule an appointment for a dental exam.